welcome, i'm gretchalina and...

i am excited to have a special place for this new journey.
i'm not sure where it's headed, but i do know i am having fun on the way.
whatever journey you might be on, i wish for you the same.
and anyway, isn't that the whole point.

let's start this blog off with some baking...
you know those cute little cookbooks that you pick up on a whim {usually while on vacation somewhere} and then they somehow end up amongst your prized cookbook collection. this recipe came from one of those little books, worn, dogeared,
and smeared with ingredients. i've been baking my same favorite recipes from it for...years. today, gabriella and i made one of our favorites...
annabanana bread. 

while we were baking, a huge, dark storm moved in.
i love storms ~ as long as the computers are shut down and, of course, everyone is safe.
so, sitting down with a warm slice of annabanana nut bread, a hot cup of tea and
watching the rain...