food drop off

i am greek. i like the heat. the cold...not so much. it's flurrying outside and although it is pretty, it's still...cold. i had just refilled my cup of tea, so now at least something was giving off heat.
i've been in my office perusing the net trying to find the perfect template gallery to use for my '365 days of gratefulness' project that i am picking back up (don't ask from when, the answer even shocked me.) i've detoured down so many online clicks, i've lost the one template that i think will work the best for this project. i am interrupted (again) in my search back, this time by the dogs barking and the doorbell ringing. really? who is bothering me now! not my usual first thought, but it's been that kind of day. i look out the window and i see my mom's car. i just talked to her a few hours ago (and a few more times before that) what could she possibly want, why is she out in this weather and why is she ringing the doorbell instead of just coming in?
well, because she was holding this in her hands. my mom left her warm and cozy kitchen, drove in the gray, cold to my house to hand deliver one my favorite greek snacks. tiropita, or cheese pies. piping hot. a wonderful, thoughtful, yummy surprise.
(of course, i completely take back being annoyed)
instead, i am more than grateful and exceedingly humbled.
i think this will do perfectly for today's grateful image.

mαμά ευχαριστώ. sε αγαπώ.
(thank you mom. i love you)