tarragon creme turkey pot pies {post thanksgiving day fare}

leftovers in our home are usually not a problem...my husband, spee, sees to that. thanksgiving...well, who doesn't overcook just a little for this holiday? what to do with the leftovers? i started looking around for a new recipe when i remembered this one, although last time i made it i used chicken~my family loved it. (am i the only one who completely forgets about past recipes that were wonderful?) so, even after plenty of turkey sandwiches all weekend, we still had a decent amount of meat left, thus, turkey pot pies were on. i love tarragon, so i added that as well as the creamed onions from thursday's meal, roasted up some fresh carrots, shallots, yellow onions and baby redskins, tossed in some mushrooms and peas and let it simmer in the creme and broth before filling the bowls. and...it's always more fun in the kitchen when you have help and/or company. thank you gabriella for making the cut out leaves and spee for kneading the dough for the crust. love in the kitchen equals love in the food. xo

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