foodie friends {athena}

a journey is almost always better when you are on one with another person.
athena and i met in the fall of 2009 at a portrait photographer's workshop. she was flying in from hawaii (yes) and i was driving from cincinnati (unfortunately yes). we were paired up from the beginning, and let me say now, life is filled with wonderful gifts. athena is one of them. beautiful, mild mannered, sweet and oozing with creativity.  we've kept in touch since then and as fate would have it, our interests have paralleled each others quite naturally, and have somehow led us down many of the same paths. now we find ourselves sharing even more with our food photography.
athena has great style and a fabulous aesthetic that produces the most beautiful imagery. you can visit her blog here to see what i mean. she inspires me and has made this food journey even better simply by sharing in it together.

i received a package from her a couple days ago and it was filled with goodness. fresh homemade strawberry jam goodness, and 'food propage' goodness. thank you athena. i'm so lucky and grateful that we met in cold and windy grand rapids, that our friendship has grown and that no matter where this part of the journey takes us, we are having fun on the way...together.


i didn't have any freshly made biscuits on hand, but we were having grilled chicken sausages that night and i love fruit with grilled meats. we regularly serve apricot jam with sausages, but i've never paired strawberry jam with any meat, until now. it was fabulous. such a sweet addition to our meal.

thank you my sweet foodie friend.


Rachael said...

jam and sausage huh? I'd never think to combine the two. Looks pretty!

gigi said...

oh rachael, we regularly serve apricot jam with sausages...sooooo good. esp if the sausages are a little spicy. it balances the flavors.

Athena said...

♥♥♥ this... and you!!!