a little food . a little styling {just for fun}

another repost:

one fine day, one phone conversation and two minds spinning turned into
three days later, an afternoon, two girls, a long table of props, fabrics,
colourful foods {nothing went to waste}, beautiful window light and our
own creative ideas. this is what happens when it’s winter and all of a
sudden there is time to work on some of the things you’re always talking about doing.
my most talented set stylist friend, nora, {you may remember her help with this shoot} is working on putting her website together.
i’ve been playing around with shooting food here and there and really
wanted to do more of it. perfect. something for each of us.
next time we just need to plan a longer afternoon.
can’t wait for our next play date. we started inside and simple...textures and colour.

i’m in love with the stack of the wooden plates that she found.

for the rest of the story go here

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